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Supporting YOU in making those vital changes and maximising your individual potential.

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MBIT Coaching And Life Coaching Lincolnshire

Need to re-focus on aspects of your life or your career? Feeling stuck, your life in a muddle? Retiring and not sure how to fill your time? Want to breathe life back into your dreams?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’ I will work with you to create a programme individually tailored to your needs. I work with individuals or corporate groups to achieve your goals and support you in being the best you can be through specialist coaching.

Using a client centred approach we offer bespoke coaching. We enable and support clients to transform their lives and achieve their aspirations in a confidential, safe environment. We are an ethically managed and run business, working with individuals and corporate bodies to achieve your aspirations.

We aim to enable changes to your life which help you reach your goals and breathe life into your dreams. Using specialised coaching and therapy techniques Pozitive Minds can support you in making those vital changes and maximise your individual potential. We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) delivered compassionately.

What We Do

mBit Coaching Techniques

mBIT, or mBraining, is new and exciting. It is groundbreaking, where the latest Neuroscience insights confirm what ancient wisdom, across many spiritual and esoteric traditions, has led us to believe for thousands of years. That we have multiple intelligence systems in our bodies.

Coaching / Techniques

Using a client centred approach we offer bespoke coaching. We enable and support clients to transform their lives and achieve their aspirations in a confidential, safe environment.


Following a comprehensive, personalised assessment, we work with clients to achieve quality outcomes. Clients are central to every decision we make, ensuring flexibility in meeting their needs in a positive and dynamic way. We focus on maximising individual potential to enrich lives and develop unique, individual blueprints for life.


Jill is calming, lovely and relaxing. She is non-judgemental in whatever I say.  She has ‘been there’ for me and made a big difference to my life, I could not have coped without her supporting me to make life changing decisions. She gave me the strength to make those decisions, whilst at the same time increasing my self-esteem and self-worth. I feel a much stronger person after seeing her. Anybody who is struggling – for whatever reason – needs to see Jill!

H.D Lincolnshire

Jill is a lovely warm and empathetic person. Her calm and reassuring manner immediately puts you at your ease. She has a voice which is soothing yet gives you confidence that you will be able to achieve your goals.

D.L Nottinghamshire

Jilly is a natural instinctive communicator who you immediately trust to lead you through thought processes and reflection, providing insight and clarity to help you make the life changes you desire. She also has a voice like molten chocolate, which combined with her dedication, sincerity, warmth and compassion, makes you relax and open up whilst she leads you through an inspiring and thought provoking journey. I felt totally secure in her hands. It was a very empowering experience.”

L.J Lincolnshire



How much will a session cost me?

Please contact us directly regarding fees. Reductions available for multiple pre-booked sessions.

How do I get in touch with Pozitive Minds?

Please complete the contact form to the right. 

Where will the Coaching and Therapy sessions take place?

One to one sessions at Pozitive Minds consulting room. (Home or alternative visits may be required in exceptional circumstances.). Corporate or group sessions can be arranged at external venues.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes, all client information is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act and handled according to people’s data protection rights.

Is the Pozitive Minds consulting room easy to access?

We are on the first floor but a lift is available if required. Parking is on site, including two disabled spaces at the side of the building. The consulting room environment has been designed specifically to facilitate a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The neutral decor enables both male and female clients to be at ease.

How many sessions am I likely to need?

This will only become apparent following initial discussion. There are no set formulas or time frames. All sessions are tailored to YOU and YOUR individual needs and circumstances.

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Award Nominations

North Notts Business Woman Awards 2018 Finalist
The Preparation Group Awards
North Notts Business Woman Awards 2017

Jill was proud and excited to be shortlisted for three North Notts Business Women Awards in June 2017 : Mentor of the Year Award, Business Woman of the Year Award and the Best New Business Award. Jill went on to be the winner of: Mentor of the Year Award!