Jill’s approach has been invaluable; her friendly approach and the welcoming atmosphere that she has created helps put you at ease enabling you to build a strong rapport with her from the offset. Each interaction with Jill is tailored to your individual needs and all detail is attended to enhancing the value and contribution to your journey. Based upon a comprehensive assessment of my circumstances, challenges, hopes and wishes Jill drew upon a number of her skills and professional values in order to provide the most effective and best quality support available to me.
Jill’s support was the catalyst I needed to improve the quality of my life – not only emotionally, but also in other areas such as recreation and career. The skills that Jill has taught me have made a huge difference to the way I approach obstacles and even encouraged me to challenge my perspective on life.
As a result, I have gained the strength, control and courage to move forward in my home and work life – I would not have been able to achieve this without Jill’s support and tutelage. Jill truly is a positive role-model to those she works with and is an asset to our community!

Thank you Jill!

A Valued Client

Jill’s session made me think much more clearly and has managed to clear some of the ‘brain fog’ that was holding me back. I’ve been able to adopt a couple of her suggestions, and it is starting to work. People are telling me I have ‘got my spark’ back again.

A Valued Client

Jill is calming, lovely and relaxing. She is non-judgemental in whatever I say.  She has ‘been there’ for me and made a big difference to my life, I could not have coped without her supporting me to make life changing decisions. She gave me the strength to make those decisions, whilst at the same time increasing my self-esteem and self-worth. I feel a much stronger person after seeing her. Anybody who is struggling – for whatever reason – needs to see Jill!

H.D Lincolnshire

Jilly is a natural instinctive communicator who you immediately trust to lead you through thought processes and reflection, providing insight and clarity to help you make the life changes you desire.   She also has a voice like molten chocolate, which combined with her dedication, sincerity, warmth and compassion, makes you relax and open up whilst she leads you through an inspiring and thought provoking journey.  I felt totally secure in her hands.  It was a very empowering experience.

L.J Lincolnshire

I feel truly blessed to have worked with Jill. I had some very deep and long standing emotional issues that I didn’t even understand myself, let alone have the capacity to explain them to someone else. However, her exquisite way of putting you at ease and gently guiding you through the questions and steps necessary to unravel and dig deeper without even being consciously aware of it was beautifully executed. I felt completely safe in her hands. Jill has the most wonderful aura that immediately puts you at ease. Soft, gentle, caring and yet strong and guiding; I was able to discuss and explore deeper parts of my mind that I did not even realise were accessible, and then through Jill’s skills, was able to change the pattern of my behaviour. She was and is marvellous! Thank you Jill, you changed what was the habit and patterning of my then lifetime. I am now 4 months ‘clean’ of my old behaviours, and I am loving my life again. I would not hesitate to recommend you.

M.T Lincolnshire

Life was starting to become ‘too busy’ – I was feeling guilty about not supporting my friends and family, and there were times when my brain just seemed to grind to a halt. Having a session with Jill was no effort at all. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and most importantly, safe. It was as if Jill gently guided me through my thoughts, concerns and feelings, and we made sense of it all. It was a huge relief and I walked away with some really useful tips to help me take control of things in the future.

A Valued Client

Jill is a lovely warm and empathetic person. Her calm and reassuring manner immediately puts you at your ease. She has a voice which is soothing yet gives you confidence that you will be able to achieve your goals.

D.L Nottinghamshire

I had to do a film project for my College course but I was getting stuck and couldn’t seem to see what I had to do. I was putting it off and trying to ignore it but it didn’t help and my deadline was looming.
Jill simply sat and chatted asking me questions about the project, what it was for, who it was aimed at, what things had I thought of doing and how realistic where they with the resources and time frame I had. We then looked at how I could start this, what steps I needed to do, what sort of plan I would need to make and how I would know when I had got there.
This really allowed me to see more clearly what I had to do and what I wanted to do. It made me feel enthusiastic and excited, rather than worried and it made me move forwards rather than procrastinate. I was quite reluctant at first as Jill doesn’t really know about film making but found her help really focused and inspired me to make my plan, find my locations and start filming. Thank you Jill.

C.G Oxfordshire

I will be the first to admit that my life is often a circus….juggling 3 businesses with 2 daughters and lots of other special people in my life can be challenging and every so often the big top collapses on top of me. This time around I went to Jill for assistance. I’m not really sure what she did in our session but somehow sh…e pressed the right buttons and after an initial tearful aftershock I suddenly found myself feeling so much lighter, more positive and with a different attitude to all of the problems I have recently been facing. Two weeks later and I am still feeling the effect. Only a couple of things that she said come back to me….but focusing on those when I have a momentary wobble reinstates the calm. She will be a permanent fixture for me. Priceless!

A Valued Client

If someone told me that after such a short space of time I would have started to think differently than I did before I would never have believed it, but its true! I feel lighter, happier and more in control. Meeting Jill has already truly changed my life and for that I will always be grateful. This is just the beginning and I cannot wait to see how much further I can go!

A Valued Client

Award Nominations

North Notts Business Woman Awards 2018 Finalist
The Preparation Group Awards
North Notts Business Woman Awards 2017

Jill was proud and excited to be shortlisted for three North Notts Business Women Awards in June 2017 : Mentor of the Year Award, Business Woman of the Year Award and the Best New Business Award. Jill went on to be the winner of: Mentor of the Year Award!