Following a comprehensive, personalised assessment, we work with clients to achieve quality outcomes. Clients are central to every decision we make, ensuring flexibility in meeting their needs in a positive and dynamic way. We focus on maximising individual potential to enrich lives and develop unique, individual blueprints for life.


This is an innovative approach to enable people who are facing significant changes in their lives to plan and develop a positive mind-set and formulate goals for a bright and positive future where they are valued, retain and regain their self-esteem.

This might apply to individuals or groups of people facing the same or similar life changes. It may be due to retirement, planned or premature; redundancy; setting out on an unknown journey or new job; developing a business; a change of role. All of these are significant and life changing events when individuals might feel under pressure to perform; that they have reached the end of their useful role in life or work; they have been overlooked for promotion; they no longer serve a purpose in the current work environment; they don’t wish to sit at home all day post retirement but to positively contribute to family life and society.

Re-Gaming is not about planning for retirement and doing nothing. It is about planning for a different way of life, ensuring a great quality of life and an opportunity to lead an enriched life where individuals still have a vital input to society. It is about setting smart goals and working towards achieving them.

Award Nominations

North Notts Business Woman Awards 2018 Finalist
The Preparation Group Awards
North Notts Business Woman Awards 2017

Jill was proud and excited to be shortlisted for three North Notts Business Women Awards in June 2017 : Mentor of the Year Award, Business Woman of the Year Award and the Best New Business Award. Jill went on to be the winner of: Mentor of the Year Award!