Coaching / Techniques

Following a comprehensive, personalised assessment, we work with clients to achieve quality outcomes via my adaptive techniques.

Clients are central to every decision we make, ensuring flexibility in meeting their needs in a positive and dynamic way.

We focus on maximising individual potential to enrich lives and develop unique, individual blueprints for life.



Neuro – our nervous system through which we gather and process information through our five senses

Linguistic – language and nonverbal systems through which our internal representations are coded, ordered and given meaning

Programming – the patterns, programmes and strategies we run in our neurology to achieve our specific and desired outcomes

In other words NLP is how we use language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes


mBraining – based on the synthesis of latest neurological research and cognitive science. This model synthesizes NLP and expands on it, based on hard science.

mBIT is a new and exciting technique which achieves fantastic results quickly


Hypnosis promotes deep relaxation whilst the client remains in total control. It can support management of long term conditions and for breaking certain habits.

The benefits of hypnotherapy can have a lasting and profound impact on a person’s well being and is a gentle way of alleviating deep routed emotional trauma.


Time Line Therapy – Major premise – all learning, behaviour and change is unconscious. This process is very effective in helping discover the root cause or first event for a negative emotion or limiting decision, releasing negative emotions, removing limiting decisions, empowering clients to move on to create a great future.


Life coaching – can help with virtually any aspect of someone’s life, whether it is in their personal or professional life, or even if they don’t yet know what it is that they really want. Good leadership in business involves coaching, enabling people to reach their full potential. Organisations improve. Improved: productivity, cost efficiency, staff retention, communication, staff experience, workplace environment, profit, resilience. Reduced: staff complaints, conflict.

Using these non-invasive methodologies flexibly we can improve empathy and help with destructive relationships, management of weight, alcohol, smoking, stress, anxiety. We can help you with communication skills, enable relaxation and confidence and encourage clients to move out of their comfort zones towards fuller, happier, infinitely more satisfying lives by setting realistic and achievable goals.

Award Nominations

North Notts Business Woman Awards 2018 Finalist
The Preparation Group Awards
North Notts Business Woman Awards 2017

Jill was proud and excited to be shortlisted for three North Notts Business Women Awards in June 2017 : Mentor of the Year Award, Business Woman of the Year Award and the Best New Business Award. Jill went on to be the winner of: Mentor of the Year Award!